Summer hours are Tuesday 5-7, Saturdays 3-5;

Please note that with clocks changing to Standard Time, Pickleball's hours change to 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., Tuesday's & Saturdays.

Sport Pickleball
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Sounds like fun!

Who wants to go?

Pickleball &More is announcing our first pickleball tournament called Naughty or Nice.

If you’ve never participated in a tournament before, this is the perfect time to start.

Date/Time: Saturday, December 16 from 12 – 3. The morning tournament is sold out.

Format: Very low-key, fun, plenty of laughs “TEAM” play. You will be chosen (mixed level of players) to be on the “Naughty” or “Nice” team. The teams will be competing against each other. Team preferences will be considered. We certainly do not want any spouse conflicts over the holiday season!

Gameplay: Our Naughty and Nice format brings men and women together on a level playing court. A Naughty Team plays 4 games against a Nice Team. This format continues and scores are tallied. Will it be a Naughty or a Nice year?

Dress: Fun & Laughter is the goal of this tournament so come dressed in a holiday attire and win a prize as the best dressed elf.

Refreshments: Snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, and a selection of ice cream will be offered in the social area after play.

Prizes: The winning team members will receive a credit of $5 in their Pickleball & More account to be applied to future play.

Cost: $25 per player

We encourage you to sign-up, get to know fellow members of Pickleball & More and most of all have fun and enjoy the many laughs you’ll have throughout the day.

We suggest you arrive an hour before play so you can be assigned a team and meet your teammates. Sign up before the tournament is sold out.

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I have just signed up. Hopefully others from LC will follow suit :-)


Nice! If anyone has any questions feel free to text me at 14012977836. I’ll be setting up the teams soon if anyone wants to play together!

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Ann responded in

working - will be late

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Contact Information

Contact person: Perky Nellissen,,774-993-9353


Courts are located at the town courts near Wilbur McMahon school.

 Lines are painted. The code to the box is 1776. Please return all equipment to where you found it. Nets belong outside the tennis courts when not in use. You may play anytime after 9:30a on weekdays as long as the court is free. If someone comes to use the court for tennis, we can play 1 hr and then they can use it.