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Radar says rain around 3:00 continuing till 6:00? Will you still play

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This is a serious injury. I'm sorry to hear this. I hope his recovery is not too difficult.

I plan on posting on the social media pages and hopefully the USPA will as well. The sport of pickleball is seeing many injuries. This is due to several reasons; however, stretching is a big one. As a personal training coach, I see a lack of stretching and incorrect stretching. Static stretching should never be done prior to any sport or during it. Dynamic stretching is recommended. And static stretching is critical after playing.

“Flexibility training is a vital component of a well-rounded fitness program. However, the majority of research to date shows that static stretching (holding a stretch in one position without movement) tends to be best suited for the end of a workout, as it is safer and more effective to stretch muscles that are properly warmed,” says Jessica Matthews, ACE Exercise Physiologist. She adds that an active, dynamic warm-up is a better way to prepare the body for activity, as this type of stretching helps to increase body temperature, enhance joint flexibility and increase muscle elasticity through a range of motion, functionally preparing the body for the activity to come.

What does this mean for me?

In general, to set yourself up for workout success, opt to save static stretching until after you’ve finished your sweat session and instead warm-up with dynamic exercises,


Joanne - Have you posted the warm up video? I don't know where to look for it. Thank you.

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I've been so busy; I haven't been able to get to it... It's on my list. I will message you as soon as I do!

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Contact Information

Contact person: Perky Nellissen,, 555 123 4567

Team leader: Players Name,, 555 123 4567

Courts are located at the town courts near Wilbur McMahon school.


Winter play is INSIDE the Wilbur gym.  6-8 Wednesdays.. 

Summer play: We can only use one tennis court for Pickleball. We can only tape the lines with Blue painters tape, which must be ripped up after each session. There are "ticks" in the corners to help apply the tape. We may not reserve a weekly spot. Players need to supply their own tape. However, we can show up and play as long as the court is free. If someone comes to use the court for tennis, we can play 1 hr and then they can use it. 

Once our nets are delivered, they will be put to the fence of the tennis court and can be brought on to the court when playing pickleball. Please move them very carefully.  For now, we are relying on personal portable nets. 

Equipment may be supplied with groups are scheduled, but ultimately it is your responsibility to provide paddle and ball.  

We need to raise money to cover the cost of one net, tape used in group sessions and possibly some paddles. We may charge to play or have a fundraiser. Any donations will be appreciated.