oops, clicked by mistake. but i'll join if anyone else wants to...

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We just opened group clinics in February at Pastore Youth Center in Cranston, RI for Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays! It's only $25 for two and a half hours! Go to playerlineup.com and search for Cranston Pickleball. Everybody is welcome!

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Does anyone play a little later (4:30-6) or are there no lights there? Also wondering for summer play


No lights. After DST kicks in, schedule goes back to 4 pm for summer.

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If a player can’t make it. Please opt out so we don’t make the drive. Thanks.

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I might be a little late, but I will be coming!

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can play until 3:30

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Please opt out if you can’t make it next time. We didn’t have enough players.