Looking for at least 2 players for this evening, Thursday, July 16.. 5:00


Sorry - plans already. Thanks for asking


Covid update: please wear a mask at least around your neck while you are playing. After your time on the court, please go outside the fence and mask up if you are closer than 6’ to anyone. Please be mindful of passing people moving thru the small doorway. We want to keep this activity safe. Everyone should behave within their comfort level and be respectful of others. Please bring sanitizer for yourself. Thanks for your consideration to this. We defiantly want to keep playing!!


Amy and I had a great time last night. Thank you for graciously enfolding us into the LC Pickleball family.


Check out our closed PB Facebook page. Ask for invite!


We had a fantastic showing last night, thank you to Cynthia and Eric (Q) for helping out.

If you would like to play other times than the set time of Tuesdays at 5p, you may! The box code is 1776, you may borrow paddles and balls. Please replace them and lock the box (keeping the "master" words facing you on the padlock) and return the nets after you are finished.

If someone is waiting to play tennis, you have 1 hr from when you started playing. If someone is playing on the court and the other court is open, you could politely ask them to move to the other court. Soon, that court will be painted for PB too.