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Will the time be changed to earlier time for play on Tuesday’s since it’s starting to get dark earlier?

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yes... it will be announced here

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My husband Rich & I will be there.

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My husband Rich & I will be there. Where exactly are there pickleball courts pls


IAN (tall & good player), We played this evening with the regular Tue. night group. Trying to get in touch with you! OR WITH SOMEBODY THAT CAN REACH YOU FOR ME! Think you may have taken my paddle tonight by accident. All black, Electrum Pro. Please let me know either way! Thanks. Gaylin Cordes, 401-423-3605, gcordes(miuku)cox(piste)net. I have no other way to reach you. Again, if you know Ian please pass this on or get me his # or email. Help. [Did look all around and in the lock box.]


Someone left a lime Subaru water bottle at Pickleball tonight- it’s now in the green box


That as me! I’ll pick it up next time

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Radar says rain around 3:00 continuing till 6:00? Will you still play