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PB is new for me - hope that’s ok! :)


Just an FYI that there is a Rec Committee Meeting tonight, 6/25 at 6:30PM at the Town Hall, second floor and one item on the agenda is to discuss repairs to the tennis courts. Public input is encouraged if you can make it. - Sue Theriault


We will not be back in LC until Wednesday, 7/27. Sorry to miss the meeting. Hope to see you on the PB court on Saturday. Marilou


Hi - Please let me know if anyone would be interested in playing on Sunday mornings. Saturday afternoons can be a challenge during the summer. Thanks!


I’m interested sounds feasible to me


Great - anyone else interested for this Sunday around 9 AM or so?


Anybody around to play today like 6pm

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Hi there,
I would love to play sometime. What is the address please? Thank you!

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Moira, I'll text you the directions. There is a navigation option on the player line up website. It names the location and have a live map I clicked on and it brought to the courts. The people are hospitable and great to play with. Hope to see you there sometime.

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Thank you Lynette!!!