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Is anyone going to try and play or too wet?


I know Ann and Chris are both on their way over to the courts to check conditions. I will be on my way there if the courts are playable, but I'm about 30 mins away.


Anyone know if the courts will be playable this afternoon?

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Admins: When one opens the public page for LC pickleball on playerlineup without signing in, the copy at the top of the page about hours conflicts with what is shown here. Just thought you might want to change or remove that text. It can be confusing. Thanks!


Can you explain exactly the disconnect. I don’t see it. Thx

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I haven’t been around for a few months. Has Saturday open play been eliminated?

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No it is ongoing nancy


Have we switched back to 3pm on Saturdays?

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Just got Kat’s message to play.


Hey Pam, so glad to see you can make it!