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LC Town Tennis Courts, Meetinghouse Ln, Liitle Compton RI [map]
Get the basics with Joannie! If tennis players are on the courts, it may be a short wait. Masks needed outside fence.

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Willow D Susie h Sheila f Joanne
Donna S Lisa R Henry H Bob P
Kath B Marilou B Peter B Paul C Lavinia G Kate G Rob G Dot G Lisa H Debby L Thomas M Jeannie M Peter M Jane O Gedas P Alan R Michelle S Nancy T Ted T Carolyn V Nancy W Helen W Jeffrey B Phil J Lynn C Freddie A Rus G Janet F Sue B Donna P Kim G Alex J Mike S Rich C Warren J Matt A Kit L Tuck B Jane B EeWiQ Lucie D Chis O Adolf H Phil M Harry W Jack K Liz K Amy N Dick H Jack H Charlie W Jim T Pat M Dale W Craig C Janet H Lyn F Helena H Jessica H Brendan K Ian S Phil J [2] Randi v Mary P Laura H Sue T Karen R Colin M Bob B Lance P David S Greg F Caroline v Sara P Colleen B Pam W Jessi N Gedas P [2] Sue H Steve R Cathy C Vin C Noah S patchalin Jessica N Nathan O Jane E Peggy S Rachel G Taylor M Greg S Robert A Joanne Moniz Alison E [2] Pam B Michael F Erica F Brenda M Merrilee Z Amy G Don G Cali A Nancy A Cynthia B Cliff T Debbie B Joe M Gaylin C Don R Rhonda M Carolyn S Jane T Shirley P Patti D Connie J Rita K Cole W Pam B [2] Janet R Sharon H Peggy S [2] Mike E George M Denise O Sharon H [2] Joe R Maureen Sheila F [2] Perky N

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Coach 1 0
Contact person 0 0
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Game Sun, Oct 18 at 09:00 AM 8 10
Practice Tue, Oct 20 at 04:00 PM 11 12
Practice Thu, Oct 22 at 04:30 PM 4 4
Practice Tomorrow at 09:00 AM 10 8
Practice Tue, Oct 27 at 04:00 PM 16 10

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