No organized PB on July 4.

Denise responded in

I’ll be there closer to 5:30/6

Kat responded in

I will be bringing a friend


I hope everyone will attend to the LC Financial meeting tonight to support the Tennis/Pickleball court replacement. This stroke includes a new engineering plan and the replacement of courts that is sorely needed. The meeting is at 7p. Wilbur McMahon Gym, 28 Commons LC.


LC Residents: Please plan to attend the Town Financial Meeting.
Wednesday, May 24
Must be a registered Little Compton Voter/Resident

We are trying to secure funding from the town for resurfacing, paint and lights.

The Budget will be brought to a vote.
If the Tennis/Pickleball Line Item is singled out for discussion and a vote, we need our supporters there.

Lavinia (tennis rep) has asked the Monday-Friday Tennis Players to commit to bring 2 friends with them to the meeting. We should too!

The budget committee will recommend.